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“The core of our journey together is about opening what has been closed inside you, so that the energy bound up in your struggling self can again know the joy of being fully alive.”

Mary O’Malley

“I recently participated in a Body Wisdom session with Melissa where I was blown away by the way the session unfolded. Having done previous journey work with another facilitator, all my expectations were surpassed by Melissa’s skill in guiding this healing journey for me. I left the session with astounding clarity about the issues I was trying to deal with. What was even more interesting was the fact that over the next few weeks, understanding and more clarity continued to develop”.


“I loved and was amazed at the healing gifts you gave me. It seems endless the options we have now to guide our body back to optimum health. Show it the way and all it wants is to be happy and healthy. The TRE was fabulous! So powerful but gentle you are in your guidance, it was such a nurturing & illuminating experience. I am grateful Melissa.”


“You held such beautiful space and I felt completely safe to drop in and share vulnerably. You helped me explore the parts of myself I find difficult to accept and  connect to an inner strength and deep trust. I left the session feeling calm and grounded. I’d highly recommend you to anyone looking for a loving guide to help explore those difficult places and connect with a deep sense of self love and trust in the perfection of everything.”


“Thank you Melissa Turnock for guiding me through a beautiful, earthy, grounded process back home to my heart and soul. You held me in a way I felt unconditionally safe, supported and loved. There is a natural, simplicity unravelling and flow in your work, which I loved. My heart thanks YOU!”

Megan Johnston

“Melissa is an extremely powerful soul mistress. The co-created space she weaves is intoxicating and Melissa’s mastery of the field is complete. It has been such an honour to have been able to receive from this amazing woman 💖”

Genevieve Lai

“I have been taking TRE sessions with Melissa on and off for a while. Her calm and nurturing guidance makes Mel a great teacher.
I always feel relaxed, calm and centred at the end of our sessions. My only problem is finding time for more sessions in my busy schedule.
Highly recommend any of Mel’s classes. You won’t regret it”

Karen Bond

“I just participated in Melissa’s online Embody and Earthing Your Sacred Service experience. She skilfully took us through a powerful, yet gentle meditation and embodiment journey which included connecting with our matrilineal ancestors, receiving the gift that each passed down to us and merging with our soul. Throughout it all, Melissa held us in a safe, loving container.

Thank you Melissa for the beautiful, sacred experience. “

Teresa Fino

“Melissa is a superb teacher with a natural warmth and wisdom that puts you at ease immediately. Her Tre class was fascinating, liberating and deeply relaxing. If you are looking to deepen your connection to self, Melissa’s classes are a must.”

Justine Williams

About Melissa

I know you have the capacity to be with yourself and find safety in your body. I am an Energy and Soul medicine practitioner and soul embodiment alchemist. I offer my skills and lived experience of healing emotionally, energetically and spiritually in service to your transformation.

Inside you is the burning awareness that something needs to change.
There are beliefs you want to be free from.

Don’t spend another minute feeling disconnected from your life woman.
You got some light to shine.

“That very awareness means you have already started.”

​Together we will step into a place of enquiry, surrender and trust.

Knowing that you are supported and so safe to go into the body, unearth what needs to be tended to and open up to the core wounds that have shaped you.

​They are keeping you from really feeling JOY.

My experience with breath work, trauma release work, movement practices, brain integration processes, emotional embodiment, heart opening, energy medicine, inner child journeys, meditation and visualisation will guide us. The body knows, we just need to listen.

Without a doubt, there is a pathway forward for you. By saying yes to your own healing and transformation you are saying to this vibration of self love and openness.

Work With Me

Your Soul Service Mastery

In order to stay aligned and nourished by your soul work it is a given that you continue to explore and expand your spirituality at the heart of your service. There are emerging heart centred paradigms at play and many of the changes you are feeling and seeing are aligned to 5D consciousness and ascension.

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